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SAMSUNG PN50A400C2D X-MAIN BOARD BN96-06764A (LJ92-01515F)

SAMSUNG PN50A400C2D X-MAIN BOARD BN96-06764A (LJ92-01515F)




Compatible TV Models 
HPS5053X/XAC 0005 HPT5034X/XAC XX26 HPT5034X/XAC 0026 HPT5054X/XAC 0026 HPT5064X/XAC 0014 PN50A400C2DXZA PN50A410C1DXZC BS01 PN50A410C1DXZC 0001 PN50A410C1DXZC BO03 PN50A410C1DXZC BO11 PN50A410C1DXZC BV01 PN50A410C1DXZC SS02 PN50A410C1DXZC SO04 PN50A410C1DXZC SV16 PN50A410C1DXZC SK15 PN50A410C1DXZC SK04 PN50A410C1DXZC SV02 PN50A410C1DXZC BV12 PN50A450P1DXZA PPM50M8HBX/XAA BU05 PPM50M8HBX/XAA 0005 PPM50M8HBX/XAA 0003 PPM50M8HBX/XAA BQ03 PPM50M8HBX/XAA 0004 PPM50M8HBX/XAA ST04


  VERY IMPORTANT:The board was extracted from a TV working correctly with a broken screen. 

Horizontal lines on the screen are NEVER caused by a board. Horizontal lines indicate a defective LCD panel (screen) no part except a NEW screen will fix it.


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