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Samsung BN44-00206A  BN44-00204A (42PSPF421701A) Power Supply Unit 37 Models

Samsung BN44-00206A BN44-00204A (42PSPF421701A) Power Supply Unit 37 Models





BN44-00206A (42PSPF421701A)


Compatible TV Models 
PH42KLPLBF/EN 0011 PH42KLPLBF/EN 0014 PH42KLPLBF/EN 0016 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0006 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0007 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0008 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0009 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0010 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0012 PH42KLPLBF/XF 0014 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0006 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0007 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0008 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0009 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0010 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0013 PH42KLPLBF/XK 0014 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0005 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0006 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0007 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0008 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0010 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0012 PH42KLPLBF/XY 0014 PH42KLPLBF/ZA PL42A450P1XZL SI08 PL42A450P1XZL SI14 PL42A450P1XZL 0001 PL42A450P1XZL S312 PL42A450P1XZL S305 PL42A450P1XZL SI02 PL42A450P1XZL SS01 PL42A450P1XZL S913 PL42A450P1XZL SS15 PL42A450P1XZL S906 PL42A450P1XZP 0001 PL42A450P1XZP SS15 PL42A450P1XZP S305 PL42A450P1XZP S913 PL42A450P1XZP SI03 PL42A450P1XZP S312 PL42A450P1XZP SS01 PL42A450P1XZP S906 PL42A450P1XZP SI14 PL42A450P1XZP SI08 PS42A410C1MXL S211 PS42A410C1MXL S704 PS42A410C1MXL SB08 PS42A410C1PXHC PS42A410C1SRU PS42A410C1VXSQ PS42A410C1XBT PS42A410C1XCS PS42A410C1XHC PS42A410C1XRD PS42A410C1XRU PS42A410C1XSQ PS42A410C1XSV PS42A410C1XUA PS42A410C1XUM PS42A410C1XXA PS42A410C1XXC PS42A410C1DXXY SZ04 PS42A410C1DXXY S709 PS42A410C1DXXY SB14 PS42A410C1DXXY S206 PS42A410C1DXXY SS02 PS42A410C1DXXY S116 PS42A410C1DXXY S219 PS42A410C1DXXY SD12 PS42A350P1XXZ S904 PS42A350P1XXZ S303 PS42A350P1XXZ S108 PS42A350P1XXZ SI06 PS42A350P1XXZ SS02 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0001 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0002 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0003 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0005 PS42A350P1PXXZ 0007 PN42A400C2DXZA PN42A410C1DXZA PN42A410C1DXZC SD18 PN42A410C1DXZC SS24 PN42A410C1DXZC S134 PN42A410C1DXZC S726 PN42A410C1DXZC SO04 PN42A410C1DXZC S208 PN42A410C1DXZC S237 PN42A410C1DXZC S704 PN42A410C1DXZC SB20 PN42A410C1DXZC S222 PN42A410C1DXZC SD30 PN42A410C1DXZC SS02 PN42A410C1DXZC SZ06 PN42A410C1DXZC S136 PN42A410C1DXZC S339 PN42A410C1DXZC SB32 PN42A410C1DXZC SZ28 PN42A450P1D S906 PN42A450P1D SI03 PN42A450P1D SO03 PN42A450P1D SS01 PN42A450P1D S304 PN42A450P1DXZA PN42A450P1DXZC PN50A400C2DXZA PPM42M8HBX/XAA PPM42M8HBX/XAX SD06 PPM42M8HBX/XAX SB08 PPM42M8HBX/XAX S313 PPM42M8HBX/XAX S704 PPM42M8HBX/XSA 0008 PPM42M8HBX/XSA 0004 PPM42M8HBX/XSA 0006 PPM42M8HBX/XSA 0013 PPM42M8HBX/XSF 0004 PPM42M8HBX/XSF 0006 PPM42M8HBX/XSF 0008 PPM42M8HBX/XSF 0013 PPM42M8HBX/XSH 0013 PPM42M8HBX/XSH 0006 PPM42M8HBX/XSH 0004 PPM42M8HBX/XTP 0013 PPM42M8HBX/XTP 0004 PPM42M8HBX/XTP 0008 PPM42M8HBX/XTP 0006 PPM42M8HBX/XTW 0008 PPM42M8HBX/XTW 0013 PPM42M8HBX/XTW 0006 PPM42M8HBX/XTW 0004 PPM42M8HSX/EDC 0005 PPM42M8HSX/EDC 0014 PPM42M8HSX/EDC 0008 PPM42M8HSX/EDC 0006 PS42A410C1XXD



Please were not a guessing / testing store if you’re not sure contact us.

Horizontal lines on the screen are NEVER caused by a board.

Horizontal lines indicate a defective LCD panel (screen) no part except a
NEW screen will fix it.

We recommend ordering by part number always, never go off the back sticker
alone, remove the part from the TV and confirm all numbers MATCH perfect.
Part number can be found on white bar-code sticker on board.

Often times there are TV models that use more than one set of parts and/or
Important Message: Part number can be found on the sticker of the board or

Please see all of the high-res photos for details!


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